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Tianpeng of the corporate culture is the core, through the enterprise culture inspiration to each employee unity, together, give full scope to the talents in a positive, harmonious, united enterprise culture atmosphere, make concerted efforts, the company staff, twist a rope, working toward a goal; condense all strength to promote the development of the enterprise, fully show the personal, social value; harmonious positive enterprise culture to establish a distinctive values, firm faith, good code of conduct for the company and the employee, Tianpeng people adhere to the product to make from man, to really sincere, high-quality products and good personal quality to customer service, dedication to society; continuously improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, promote a forward forever the Tianpeng!

Team - Tianpeng company advocates a sense of the overall situation, sincere communication, collaboration, strong sense of responsibility, service excellent team spirit;

Innovation - innovation is the lifeblood of the company's survival and development, Tianpeng company unremittingly to technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation, the courage to change, beyond the self;

Be realistic -- is Tianpeng company survival and development of the book, is thought to enrich, down-to-earth style of work, practical work, talk less and do more practical work, seek practical results;

Service --- throughout "to really sincere," the spirit of service in the Tianpeng company all of the production and business activities, to a "customer not satisfied, service does not stop" for the company's service tenet;

Business philosophy: innovation and technology as the core, reduce customer costs has been appointed, win the market with quality;

Market philosophy: the same product than the quality, the same quality than price, the same price than service;

Service concept: elaborate design, elaborate manufacture, sincere service;

Talent concept: not to stick to one pattern, appoint people on their merit, use;

Development concept: talent leading, technology Societe generale;

Quality policy: attention to detail, committed to innovation, continuous improvement, the pursuit of excellence

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